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air china cargo co ltd - this website uses cookies click here to learn more or change your cookie settings by continuing to browse this website you agree to our use of cookies, emirates flights book a flight browse our flight offers - emirates flight search helps you find best priced flight tickets for your next trip choose emirates airlines to enjoy our world class service on all flights emirates, pre flight safety demonstration wikipedia - the pre flight safety briefing also known as a pre flight demonstration in flight safety briefing in flight safety demonstration safety instructions or simply the safety video is a detailed explanation given before take off to airline passengers about the safety features of the aircraft they are aboard aviation regulations do not state how an airline should deliver the briefing only, boeing aviation safety resources on smartcockpit - boeing incident accidents back to the list boeing b727 cfit during nighttime black hole approach fatigue and a color vision deficiency that affected the ability of the pilot flying to observe glide path indicator lights contributed to the flight crew s failure to conduct a stabilized approach, airliners net aviation forums - title topics posts statistics last post civil aviation discussions about factual events happening in the airline and general aviation industries if it s happening in commercial aviation you ll get the information and opinions here first, airnav kjfk john f kennedy international airport - complete aeronautical information about john f kennedy international airport new york ny usa including location runways taxiways navaids radio frequencies fbo information fuel prices sunrise and sunset times aerial photo airport diagram, any good pics of aircraft doors airliners net - i am just looking for any good pics of aircraft doors of any kind form any angle already seen some of a ney but there must be more, airline pilot guy aviation podcast - the poppies were some of the first flowers to grow over the churned battlefields and freshly turned earth of war graves during the first world war and on 3 may 1915 they inspired the canadian physician lieutenant colonel john mccrae after witnessing the death of his friend and fellow soldier the day before to write the poem, fleet planecrazy me uk - microsoft flight simulator fsx fsx steam edition and lockheed martin p3dv1 3 fsx also known as fs10 many of the aircraft models from fs2004 can be used in fsx but you may find some features wont work fsx was the latest incarnation the 10th in the franchise but it is now fostered by dovetail games who sell it via steam, fuel economy in aircraft wikipedia - fuel economy in aircraft is a measure of how much fuel an aircraft or a fleet of aircraft of mixed types needs to operate in relation to a service provided i e number of passengers or ton of freight and the distance between points of travel it can be expressed in several ways for example by the litres of fuel consumed per passenger per kilometer, o novo boeing 777 300er da american airlines de pertinho - ontem tive a oportunidade de ver de perto o badalado boeing 777 300er da american airlines a badala o vem do fato de ser o primeiro deste tipo adquirido por uma empresa americana que at ent o havia comprado somente boeing 777 200er, the search for mh370 begins again the disappearance of - what many of us have been encouraging has finally transpired the seabed search for the wreckage of mh370 has been re started the search vessel seabed constructor has just arrived in the new search area outfitted with a team of eight autonomous underwater vehicles auvs, possible mh370 paths along great circles the - introduction in the last post i presented how the simulation data found on the home computer of captain zaharie shah suggests that the recovered data were from a single flight session on feb 2 2014 in which the aircraft takes off from kuala lumpur international airport klia flies northwest over the malacca strait flies past the andaman and nicobar islands turns to the south and, just sim entf hrt uns diesmal in die lettische hauptstadt - erneut in gewohntem tempo just sim s realisierung des lettischen flughafens riga evra ist soeben released vor allem die europaflieger und dash 8 piloten d rfen sich freuen da die air baltic hier stationiert ist, company profile eva air global - company history date of incorporation april 07 1989 major milestones 1988 1990 on september 1 1988 at the celebration for the 20th birthday of evergreen marine corporation group chairman y f chang announced that evergreen would launch an international airline, pontifications revisionist history leeham news and comment - i liked it a lot better than the dc 10 never flew an md 11 i never quite got the slant angle in level supposedly flight it was odd to be headed to the toilet and have a slant