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cloudonomics the business value of cloud computing 1st - the ultimate guide to assessing and exploiting the customer value and revenue potential of the cloud a new business model is sweeping the world the cloud, amazon com business in the cloud what every business - covering cloud computing from what the business leader needs toknow this book describes how it can nimbly ramp up revenueinitiatives positively impact business operations and costs andhow this allows business leaders to shed worry about technology sothey can focus on their business it also, is cloud computing really cheaper forbes - is cloud computing really cheaper of all the questions asked at a recent event this particular one was the most difficult to answer earlier this week i was at the new jersey institute of technology as the host of cloudcamp a un conference created to inform and educate on various cloud computing topics, does cloud computing matter forbes - this is a guest post by joe weinman joe weinman is a senior vp at telx and the author of cloudonomics the business value of cloud computing cloud computing is top of mind for computer geeks information technology it providers web and mobile start ups and most cios chief information officers, virtual density llc computer support network services - virtual density specializes in it consulting providing business computer support and network services in danbury greenwich stamford white plains fairfield county westchester county and norwalk, saas metrics joel s magic number for saas companies - one of the mysteries i hoped to solve when i embarked upon this little saas metrics mathematical journey was the reality behind the saas company magic number introduced by then omniture ceo josh james and immemorialized by my pal lars leckie over at hummer winblad