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ahavat eretz israel jewish tradition future israel - from the nile to the euphrates the future map of israel as the influence of the torah extends so will the boundaries of eretz israel expand accordingly, future israel why christian anti judaism must be - future israel why christian anti judaism must be challenged new american commentary studies in bible and theology barry e horner on amazon com free shipping on qualifying offers future israel why christian anti judaism must be challenged is volume three in the new american commentary studies in bible theology nacsbt series for pastors, the future of israel devin sper 9780976161301 amazon - the future of israel devin sper on amazon com free shipping on qualifying offers in his new book the future of israel devin sper scholar and passionate zionist offers a timely examination of israel s current crisis and answers the increasingly desperate question, the borders of israel future borders according to bible - biblical borders the future borders of israel according to the bible see also israel s borders in international law the current borders of israel are disputed by the international community from the un to the arab leadership, god s plans for the future of israel gospel way - will israel be god s special people in the millennium will the promises to abraham be fulfilled in a coming earthly kingdom as premillennialism teaches, 12th century rabbi predicted israel s future wnd wnd - jerusalem judah ben samuel was a legendary and prolific german rabbi of the 12th century who made some astonishing and specific predictions about the future of jerusalem and israel that came true, the fall of benjamin netanyahu and the future of israel - netanyahu acted as if nothing was wrong he is after all israel s second longest serving prime minister he has survived police investigations before as far back as his first term in the 1990s, israel asia center building a shared future between - israel asia relations balancing economic and national security rebecca zeffert trans pacific view author mercy kuo regularly engages subject matter experts policy practitioners and strategic thinkers across the globe for their diverse insights into u s asia policy this conversation with rebecca zeffert founder and executive director of the israel asia center in jerusalem is, hitler israel is hq of future jewish world state - there are few real accidents in history and the version we see in the history books may have happened entirely differently in reality a prime example being the murder of rasputin nearly 100 years ago, prophecy reveals truth about israel s future texe marrs - is the old adage a leopard can t change his spots true are people destined to follow in the footsteps of their parents or societal influences can people change and overcome whatever obstacles lay in their path, maps of israel and middle east ancient and modern - greater israel in modern terminology the term greater israel is meant by some to be the borders of modern israel plus the palestinian territories others use the term to refer to the land promised abram in genesis 15 18 21 in the same day the lord made a covenant with abram saying unto thy seed have i given this land from the river of egypt unto the great river the river euphrates, you have to know the past to understand our future - hear how at this time of national mourning in 2005 we demonstrated and held the largest ever prayer meeting at the western wall to avert prime minister ariel sharon s evil decree to expel 8500, israel innovations overcoming water scarcity oecd observer - israel s successes arise from the continuous need for and support of innovative methods technologies holistic water resource management and strategies for sustainably providing for the nation s water needs overcoming the challenges of an arid climate and scarce natural water reserves has, trump stops israel from exporting medical marijuana - a marijuana plant at the breath of life pharma greenhouse israel s second largest medical cannabis plantation on march 9 2016 israel has abandoned its plans to export cannabis to the u s afp, myths facts jerusalem chapter 13 jewish virtual library - chapter 13 jerusalem jerusalem is an arab city the temple mount has always been a muslim holy place jerusalem need not be the capital of israel, israel news the jerusalem post - israel news features every important moment from the jewish state involving politics celebrities and innovation this is the hard hitting fast paced news that represents the jewish nation in an, israel sports association for the disabled - posted by jmvaughn topic war with iraq much has been made of the fact that this crisis with iraq is a test of the will the credibility and the very purpose of the united nations, nuclear weapons and israel wikipedia - the state of israel is widely believed to possess nuclear weapons current estimates put the size of the israeli nuclear arsenal at between 80 and 400 nuclear warheads and the country is believed to possess the ability to deliver them in a variety of methods including aircraft submarine launched cruise missiles and the jericho series of intermediate to intercontinental range ballistic missiles